A dedicated team to grow your company

Our team will help you to migrate to etsy and offers long term support from the creation of your shop to your first sales.

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About our services:

Etsy management

We will mainly help you to migrate to etsy, but we will also help you to set up your store and explain the different strategies that work on etsy.

Creation of your store

we will help you in all the steps of creation of your store, from the publication of your first listings to your first sales.

Products management

We will help you to import all your products directly on etsy.

About us

During the last 3 years I had the opportunity to create several stores on etsy which allowed me to understand how etsy works and how to create a store that works and generates income. Lastly I was able to work with different clients and help them to improve their sales and move their store to etsy.

But why etsy and not another platform?
The main advantage of etsy is that you don't need to advertise, they manage the referencing.

We’d like to express our thanks for the work you have done for us.
Steve Bulov  -  CEO of the company
we thank you for your work. You have boosted our sales and improved our store.
Andrew Macha-  CEO of the company
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